3ECAM E2EE Camera

3ECAM E2EE Camera combines a sleek design with encryption technology that will not only keep videos streams on the camera protected, but will do the same for any other camera that is connected to our camera.

End-To-End Encryption

3ECAM E2EE Camera encrypts video streams in the camera, and these streams are then decrypted in the mobile phones of our users. This denies a third party from being able to view the stream even if it has been intercepted. We as a company are also denied the ability to view the streams unlike some other security companies in the market. 

Three unique features in the market

We have 3 unique features on our camera that set us apart from any other camera on the market. Take a look at the end-to-end encryption, built in E2EE hub (which allows any 3rd party camera to become an E2EE cloud camera), and our on-demand video time-lapse features in action.


Safe enough for the bedroom

Because of the end-to-end encryption you can feel safe having a camera in the baby room or any bedroom you may need to monitor. 


***Bonus Feature*** Video Doorbell


The video doorbell functionality is a huge bonus but it will not cost you anything extra (this is not our waterproof version of the camera so if utilized as a doorbell it must be protected from the elements). 

Emergency Phone Call

Use the button in the camera to do an emergency phone call to your family’s phone, or ring your phone to find where it is if you've misplaced it.

Z-Wave Smart Home Hub

The optional Z-Wave controller dongle allows you to create a smart home hub with the camera. The 1700+ Z-Wave certified products already on the market can be linked to help make life easier: Light, Switch, Thermostat, Door lock, Garage door lock, Motion alarm sensor, Door/Widnow alarm sensor, Water sensor, Alarm siren etc.


3rd Party Camera Compatible

Already own a 3rd party camera? Connect it to 3ECAM E2EE Camera (has a built-in E2EE cloud camera ‘hub’ functionality) and it will become a cloud camera with end-to-end encryption as well. We support ONVIF cameras and most of other cameras in the market.



We established a direct retail relationship with Amazon at the ISC West Conference in 2017. A contract has been signed for them to carry our product as soon as it is fully ready to launch.