Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I be notified via text when motion is detected?

There are two options for notification at this point which are push notifications to your mobile phone/tablet, or email notification. There are other adjustments that can be made within the youipcams app for when the notifications will be sent.

+ What camera brand can be connected to gain E2EE encryption?

The main component for e2ee support is that the camera is ONVIF compliant. Most newer cameras in the market comply. It is best to check the camera user manual or company resources to determine if your camera model complies.

+ What are the camera hub icons that appear after adding a camera?

It represents the embedded NVR function. You can connect your supported 3rd party camera to our camera and turn your 3rd party camera into an E2EE cloud camera.

+ What is the operating temperature for the device?

Operating Temperature -10℃ to 50℃

+ What is the power source for the camera?

The camera requires wired power and comes with a 5DC AC adapter

+ Can Video Footage Help Me When Prosecuting a criminal?

Absolutely! Anyone that has security camera footage of a crime being committed is responsible for giving it to law enforcement. This aids in the apprehension of a criminal and by not turning the footage over, you could be obstructing justice. Indoor and outdoor cameras both apply to this logic.