Haicam E2EE Time-lapse Cloud IP Camera(E21), Continuous Cloud Recording with Free Cloud Storage, Embedded an IP Camera NVR Server to Turn Your Other IP Camera to a Cloud E2EE Camera

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  • Haicam E2EE Camera encrypts video streams with End-to-End Encryption(E2EE) technology, you can feel safe having a camera in the baby room or any bedroom you may need to monitor.

  • Built-in E2EE cloud NVR system, you can connect a third party camera by ONVIF or CGI API to our Haicam E2EE camera then your existing camera will become a cloud camera with end-to-end encryption.

  • Haicam S starts with a free 2 years cloud recording storage (first year continuous recording and then motion recording) and you can view the video history in 24 hours. Upgrade and SD card supported

  • Video history timeline swipe time machine & instant video history time-lapse in mobile App, provided Apple TV4 (or 4K), Amazon TV, Google TV App makes a home video multiple view monitoring center.

  • Video resolution 1280x720 with Night Vision & Two-Way Voice, Motion detection & Face detection supported

Introducing haicam s (e21)

Haicams S protects videos with end-to-end encryption technology. No one else, including our software engineers have the ability to view the video stream. Some of the other features of the camera include: Cloud video continuous recording, SD card recording supported, NVR functionality, night vision, two-way voice, motion detection, facial detection, and instant access to video history time-lapse footage by using the iOS/Android Mobile app, Apple TV4 and later, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV App provided.

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End-To-End Encryption (E2EE)

Our camera uses encrypted video streams and sends them that way over the internet. When the video arrives at its destination device, it is then decrypted. Only the intended user and recipient have access to the video streams. No one from our company, including the software engineers have the ability to view the content.

Because of the end-to-end encryption you can feel safe having a camera in the baby room or any bedroom you may need to monitor.


Free Cloud Recording Storage

Our camera starts with a free 365-day cloud recording storage (first 30-day continuous recording and then recording for motion events) and you can view the video history for up to 24 hours. Users can upgrade at any time up to a 30-day video history at a very affordable price.  

Even if a burglar takes the camera away, the cloud video history still enables you to check and see who broke into your home.

The camera also supports continuous recording on a Micro SD card by inserting a card into the camera. Videos in the SD card are protected by E2EE too.


Real Time Video History Timeline

Our mobile app allows users to seamlessly scroll through a video timeline history by sliding a dial back and forth.

The time-lapse feature is another great way to take a glimpse at daily activities. Select either 10 second, 30 second, or one-minute intervals, and the user can quickly skim through a day.

The feature is available directly from the app and definitely enhances the user experience.


NVR Functionality *Big Bonus Feature*

Haicam has embedded cloud NVR functionality so that most cameras in the market can connect to Haicam by ONVIF or CGI API and then become an E2EE cloud camera.

Any of your existing supported cameras will have all the features and user experience of Haicam which is a unique feature that sets us apart in the market.


Apple TV/Amazon Fire TV/Android TV Support

Use your Apple TV(4th gen or later), Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV just like the app to monitor cameras but with multiple view, or as your secure E2EE cloud NVR to protect your other cameras and make it a cloud camera.

Create a home video surveillance station with our TV App now!


Our app gives you the option to set push or email notifications (or both) for motion and sound detection.  If your wifi goes down and causes your camera to to offline, you can also be alerted of this.

face detection

The camera supports face detection and can easily detect a human face. 

Motion detection

The motion detection allows users to receive notifications when the slightest motion occurs. Cloud recording can also begin when motion is detected so that users don't have to record every minute of the day if this is not needed. 

night vision

The built-in infrared LED allows Haicam S to see what the human eye cannot. 

two-way voice

A microphone and speaker are built into the camera and allows for two-way voice functionality. This will allow users to talk to pets right before disaster happens or simply say hello while you are at work.