Turn any of your cameras into an E2EE cloud camera

Over the last year, there have been numerous cases of privacy invasion and security breaches involving IP camera based systems. This has not been limited solely to individual camera system breaches but in some cases entire manufacturer lines have been compromised! 

Our end-to-end encryption (E2EE) camera acts as a central hub for existing IP cameras as well. Any linked camera's video streams will be encrypted into the hub and protected by our proprietary video E2EE technologies. 


Stay protected with end-to-end encryption


With our E2EE camera, the video streams are encrypted in the camera and decrypted in the consumer's mobile phone. This means no third party can view the camera streams even if they were to intercept the stream or raw packets. 

Our goal is to provide a truly secure E2EE video streaming solution for all existing and new IP camera consumers. 

Use old phones and tablets to secure your home

Even if you don't own an E2EE camera or hub, all you need to do is install the YouIpCams mobile app onto an existing smartphone or tablet. This device will then protect any existing cameras with E2EE in the mobile hub. 

The camera on the device can be used as a security camera as well. 

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Watch time-lapse videos right away

Don't wait for your time lapses to render! Have instant access to time lapses when you need them. 

All data is encrypted in the camera/hub before being streamed or uploaded to the cloud. 

Transform your camera into a smart home hub

An optional Z-wave dongle could turn your camera into a smart home hub. 

You can control door/window sensors, motion alarm sensors, light switches, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, and so much more, all with our camera. 

With over 1700 certified Z-wave smart home products on the market, it is very easy to pick up some devices then do it yourself! Improve your life.