Vision in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We provide deep learning vision AI solutions, that could be run in our cloud machine learning architecture, or on your customize low cost hardware machine. It does not only support Haicam E2EE security cameras, but also supports any ONVIF compatible cameras , even just by camera’s CGI API.


Object Detection

False motion alert will be not an issue any more with deep learning vision artificial intelligence (AI)

The camera could not only tell you there is a motion, but also tell you what the motion meaning is

Replace your motion/door sensor

Motion sensor could have a false alarm due to sun light, but AI will know it is sun light and not a real motion. With AI vision motion detection, the alarm will be more reliable.

Your camera could tell you if the garage door is open or close.

Even the camera could tell you who drove the car away and left the garage door open.



Face recognition

The camera could tell you that your wife has picked up your kids from school and they are back home now.

We are not only doing motion detection, but we do activity detection with AI technologies.

Online Shopping Delivery

With deep learning algorithm, your camera could find out your online shopping delivery is coming by the box style, staff uniform, or the delivery company logo.

In this time, you will be not panic when someone knocks your front door or ring your doorbell because you know who they are already.