Build your private home security system with Haicam end-to-end encryption technologies
Your data, your privacy, your concern
Haicam security camera software supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android platforms
Haicam security camera end-to-end encryption (E2EE) hub/NVR software supports the most brand security cameras in the market

Hacaim hub software can connect your any cameras by ONVIF or RTSP protocol, then add features to these cameras.

  • Your cameras will be streamed and recorded with Haicam's end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technologies
  • AI local video and audio analysis
  • Local or cloud 24 x 7 continuous recording
  • Time-lapse video playback
  • Image motion notification and audio notification
  • AI generated moment videos
  • No activity alarm and daily activity report
  • Remote access by web browser or Haicam’s YouIPCams mobile app
  • Google assistant and Amazon Alexa support
Local real-time AI video object detection

Hacaim hub software has built in a local real-time AI video analysis capability. It can detect human, animal and vehicle object movement in real-time.

Image push and email notifications - Haicam will only send an alert if someone is detected on a camera. No false alarms.

Moment events - Based on the AI video analysis, Haicam will generate a serial moment events, let you see what happens in your home just in minutes.

No activity alarm - You can define a period if there is no any human motion detected, then the system will send you an alarm. It is much useful to monitor ageing parents or kids back home from school.
AI-driven Audio Event Detection

Hacaim hub software has built in a local real-time AI audio analysis capability. It can detect people speak, baby crying, dog barking, alarm siren sound, and bird sounds, music etc

Audio push notifications - when you are working or in office, the app will remind you any sounds happened in your home.

No Private issue - The audio is processed and analysis in your local device, and never send to our cloud for processing .
Time-lapse video playback & Remote web browser and mobile app access

You can access your camera live or recorded footage from Haicam’s YouIPCams mobile app. Also Haicam software supports live video viewing from any supported web browsers.

Our mobile app allows users to seamlessly scroll through a video timeline history by sliding a dial back and forth.

The time-lapse feature is another great way to take a glimpse at daily activities. Select either 10 second, 30 second, or one-minute intervals, and the user can quickly skim through a day.

The feature is available directly from the app and definitely enhances the user experience.
The different notification sounds from Haicam’s YouIPCams mobile app

You will receive one phone call sound when you camera is offline. If you set your system to armed status, you will receive one alarm sound if there is a motion has been detected.

With Google action: Haicam, Amazon alexa kill: Haicam, you will have a free family assistant.

"Alexa, ask Haicam to alarm"
“Alexa, ask Haicam to find my phone"

"Hey, Google, ask Haicam to send alert"
"Hey, Google, ask Haicam to find my phone"
Show any brand cameras on Google Nest Hub or Alexa Echo Show.

Haicam hub software can make your security cameras work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

With Google smart home action: youipcams, Amazon Alexa smart home kill: youipcams, you can show your cameras on the big screen.

"Alexa, show my front door camera on living room TV"
“Alexa, show baby camera on kitchen display"

"Hey, Google, how my front door camera on living room TV"
"Hey, Google, how baby camera on kitchen display"
Build your smart home with Haicam hub software & Z-Wave USB Stick.

Haicam hub software supports Z-Wave USB stick that allows you to create a smart home hub easily.

The 1700+ Z-Wave certified products already on the market can be linked to help make life easier.

Light, Switch, Thermostat, Door lock, Garage door lock, Motion alarm sensor, Door/Window sensor, Water sensor, Alarm siren etc.