Using Haicam hub as one addon for your Blue Iris/iSpy/Agent DVR/Zoneminder/NVR system

Haicaim Security Camera AI Hub

Haicam security camera hub software can provide your existing video management system with more features. It can run as one standalone home video monitoring system or just as one addon to your current system, such as Blue Iris/iSpy/Agent DVR/Zoneminder/NVR system etc.

Haicam hub software can run on your pc, laptop computer, and even Android tv box. It supports multiple operating systems, such as Windows 7 32 bit/64 bit, Windows 10 and Mac, Ubuntu, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Even you can DIY one Android TVbox device to a dedicated NVR device easily because Haicam hub software can run without the Android Dalvik(Java) Virtual Machine.

With Haicam hub software, you can easily access your camera remotely by Haicam’s mobile app or any modern web browser, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge Web Browser. The good things are that Haicam hub and mobile app are most features are free, you can use it as one free security camera software or free camera remote viewer or CCTV camera software management tool.

The built-in real-time artificial intelligence video analysis and audio analysis engine in Haicam hub home monitoring software let you monitor your home just for the most critical motion events and audio events.

Other benefits are that Google Nest/Chromecast home assistant and Amazon Alex echo/Fire tv are natively supported by Haicam hub; you can use these features immediately after setup without any additional software.

Suppose you want a home automation system besides the video monitoring system. In that case, Hacam hub can make this easy for you just with one Z-Wave USB dongle, that you can install and set up more than 2000 compatible smart home devices, and set up scenes, trigger and control with Haicam’s YouIPcams mobile app.

Blue Iris/iSpy/Agent DVR/ and Zoneminder are great VMS software. Haicam hub software is your other choice, or you can use it as one addon for your current system to improve its functionalities.

Haicam is the first to use end-to-end encryption for home security cameras, which lets you have no privacy concerns. In addition, Haicam has planned to make its software open source to give your more confidence.