how to protect your data

9 Reasons Why You Need A Secure Home Network To Protect Your Data

Explanation about installing a secured home network will protect your data.

PoE vs WiFi camera

POE camera or WiFi camera, which one is the best option for home security?

The comparison of PoE cameras with WiFi cameras is based on the ease of installation for internet connectivity, range of coverage, network security, power management, and price.

local vs cloud storage

Comparing SD card recording and cloud recording from a cost viewpoint

Discussion about selecting SD card (local storage) against cloud storage (remote storage) for captured video or photos by a security camera,

battery powered vs cable powered camera

Battery-powered vs cable-powered camera: Which is better?

battery powered camera versus cable powered camera – lets find out which one is better for surveillance

720p, 1080p, 4K, or 5MP camera resolution

720p, 1080p, 4K, or 5MP camera – which one is the best for home security?

A detailed study about picture quality and comparison between various lenses such as 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 5 MP for home security cameras.

View Angle and Field View in Camera

Importance of View Angle and Field view in security camera

importance of angle of view and field of view for a security camera is explained with lens types and focal length for a range of view of angle and field of view.

How to prevent unathorized access of your CCTV camera

How your cameras can be unauthorised access by others

we discussed different reasons someone can access your network and device and what preventive measures we can take to protect our devices. Various malware software like Camfecting and Shodan can access our security system track our activities without our knowledge

E2E encryption for home security

Importance of using end-to-end encryption for home security surveillance

The importance of using E2E encryption for home security and how can help you maintain a level of privacy

Computer Power Management

Windows laptop or desktop computer power management setup for Haicam Video Surveillance camera hub/NVR software

When running one surveillance camera software on windows 10, such as Haicam hub software, Blue Iris, iSpy, frigate nvr, xeoma video surveillance, and ivideon server, etc. You may want the software are keep running and not sleep, even if you close the laptop’s lid or there is a power failure. Here are steps to ensureRead More >

Haicaim Security Camera AI Hub

Using Haicam hub as one addon for your Blue Iris/iSpy/Agent DVR/Zoneminder/NVR system

Haicam security camera hub software can provide your existing video management system with more features. It can run as one standalone home video monitoring system or just as one addon to your current system, such as Blue Iris/iSpy/Agent DVR/Zoneminder/NVR system etc. Haicam hub software can run on your pc, laptop computer, and even Android tvRead More >